5 reasons to swap coffee for cacao

We understand that an energy boost in the morning is a great way to start your day. And coffee not only gives you that kick but it also lifts your spirits. Nevertheless we must remember that that energy surge has to come from somewhere.

That somewhere is your adrenal glands. Your adrenals produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, response to stress and other essential functions. 

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It is very easy to be caught in a stressed, tired state relying on an at-least-one-cup -of -coffee -a- day-adrenal-exhausting cycle. If done on a daily basis this might deplete your source of energy through time and taking it away or replacing it with tea might do the trick for the energy but not do the trick for your body and soul. 

If one of your resolutions is to lower, leave or have a healthier relationship with caffeine we have 5 reasons why cacao might be the replacement you need right now. 

  • Balanced Caffeine

  • Cacao contains caffeine, and even if it is 50% less than a cup of coffee it will still get you going in the morning. However, it also contains crucial elements required to balance the caffeine  including the master calming mineral: magnesium. Magnesium helps keep our hormones and mood balanced, and our energy levels high.


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  • Adrenal support

  • Cacao is gentle on your body, nutrient dense, and has a more mood-boosting and heart-nourishing effect than coffee. It can also be mixed with other medicinal herbs such as cinnamon, maca, and ashwagandha to support your adrenal glands rather than deplete them.

  • Stress reducer

  • Lastly, cacao is packed with enzymes, antioxidants, and flavonoids, which can reduce stress, support blood sugar control and increase endorphins (our feel good hormones). The theobromine stimulates blood flow to the brain and heart, allowing more oxygen to reach these areas.

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  • Gratitude for stress relief  

    Traditionally cacao is associated with a ceremony.  Swap your drink and also your routine by creating a calming morning ritual where you connect with yourself and slowly stir the cacao and herbal powders every morning to begin the day with content. 

  • Sweet with no need for sugar

  • Cacao is actually reasonably modest in its sugar content. Great quality ceremonial Cosmic Cacao can be enjoyed simply with hot water or plant-based milk and its natural taste means that heaped spoonfuls of added sweetener aren’t necessary. 


    Are you ready to make a change your body will thank? Let us know on the comments below.

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