How Cosmic Cacao Began

David Casey

It all started with birthday parties. After Cosmic Convergence Festival, an annual New Year’s festival celebrating culture and the arts on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, my friends would get together in the mountains or jungles and celebrate my birthday. Chocolate is a lifelong love of mine. And so, every year without fail, we would prepare cacao in an abundance of forms: hot chocolate, avocado-cacao mousse, chocolate bars and truffles, bliss balls, choco-banana pizza, and a few other innovations that never made it out of the laboratory.

At Cosmic Convergence Festival, cacao ceremonies became an increasingly popular feature. And each subsequent birthday party became more chocolatey. In 2017, we decided to birth a new event, the Cacao Convergence. We took a group of 50 cacao and chocolate enthusiasts up to the jungles of Alta Verapaz for a magical, immersive experience on a cacao farm deep in the lush Keq’chi Maya territory. We celebrated Mayan culture, prepared and ate and drank cacao in its many forms, and learned about the chocolate-making process from master cacao growers like Chris Nesbitt, the guy that the Belizean Government calls when they have questions about agriculture.

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Cacao Convergence happened again in 2018. A number of participants brought back cacao directly from the host farm, Finca El Porvenir, to their home countries. Some of them began sharing cacao with their friends and hosting ceremonies. A few even started their own cacao and chocolate companies! Others would write to us when they ran out, asking if we could ship them more. It just so happens that one of the core Cosmic Convergence team members grows and processes cacao.

The path was clear. We answered the call, and began to process and ship our high-grade criollo cacao, with processing and roasting optimized for ceremonial usage (read: high potency). We have found cacao to be an exceptional medicine for so many occasions: ceremony, celebration, ecstatic dance parties, heart-opening work, energized hikes in nature, and even business meetings and prolonged co-working sessions.

Our friends, family, and clients agree. Cosmic Cacao is quickly expanding its operations due to growing demand. Our high-quality cacao is grown and processed with love and respect for all forms of life, in the spirit of regeneration and celebration. We are honored to share it with you.

~ David Casey, Cosmic Cacao founder

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Cosmic Cacao Paste / Brick (1 lb)
Cosmic Cacao Paste / Brick (1 lb)
Cosmic Cacao Paste / Brick (1 lb)

Cosmic Cacao Paste / Brick (1 lb)