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  • Enjoy Cacao In Various Forms

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  • Organic Cacao Farmed In Guatemala

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Cosmic Cacao - Buy High Quality Cacao

Made With Love in Guatemala Shop Now

Enjoy Cacao In Various Forms

Beverage, Pastries, Food, and More Shop Now

Organic Cacao Farmed In Guatemala

From Bean To Bar -> Ready To Use

About Cosmic Cacao

Cacao is a tool for opening the heart, activating the mind and body, and inspiring states of blissful well-being. Our cacao paste is perfect for crafting ceremonial cacao beverages, cooking, or making chocolate. It is the highest plant-based source of iron, a powerful antioxidant, and a natural antidepressant. Cacao not only helps with relaxing, it has been proven to have some health benefits such as lowering blood pressure. Cacao is also a productivity-boosting alternative to coffee, and a recreational or social alternative to alcohol and stimulants. Review our various cacao products below and buy cacao to enjoy anywhere, anytime.


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COSMIC RECIPES from organic raw cacao

Ceremonial cacao drink

Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Brew cacao with our unique mix of spices, based on traditional Maya and Aztec ceremonial recipes.

Drink of the Gods
Gourmet Chocolate drink

Gourmet Chocolate

Learn to make fine dark chocolate with our cacao and impress your friends and your tastebuds.

Dark Chocolate
Cacao Avocado Mousse

Cacao Avocado Mousse

Deep rich vegan dessert with smooth texture and delicate taste made with cacao.



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cacao inspiration

“Wow this Cosmic Cacao is the ultimate fuel for the studio!! Quality, dark, rich, and smooth, a cup of this will give wings to your creative inspiration.” 

Amani of Desert Dwellers

"After sampling many types of Cacao from Central America I came across Cosmic Cacao and finally felt like I had ended my search. It has a rich, deep and earthy flavor that brews to perfection. I find the energy from it to be deep and long lasting without the anxious intensity I get from some other Cacao. Well done Cosmic Cacao, I have found my happy place!"

Yuli of Perfect Stranger

“Been loving the cacao so so much. I have some friends helping out here on the land in Hawaii & we have been making deep chocolate drinks and then working on the Garden & Nature. Perfect.” 

Yaegon from Kalya Scintilla & Merkaba

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cocoa is made from the same tree that cacao is made from. Cacao, in itself, is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa. As such, cacao is free of unhealthy and unnecessary sweeteners while having more natural nutrients and superfood benefits that are in chocolate and other cocoa products. Order our raw organic cacao today.

Simply place an order for cacao on our website. Whether you want to buy small sizes of our organic raw cacao beans or cacao paste, or are buying larger sizes like 20lbs of cacao or more, we can deliver to you in the US. Although our farm is in Guatemala, we are registered and domiciled in the US and currently only ship our cacao products in the United States. You can find reviews of our products on each product page.

Yes. We have B2B offerings specially designed for businesses who want to buy cacao for whatever reason, whether that is to be used in their own products or to be sold in their store.

We have built relationships over the years with several businesses, including smoothie bars, organic grocery stores, health food stores, chocolate product businesses, and even businesses that sell their brand cacao but don't have their own farm. If you need cacao for your business, get in touch with us today for custom prices.

We sell cacao in the United States. So, if you want to buy cacao and you are in the US, simply place an order on our website or reach out to us today.

We have a farm in Guatemala and are registered in the US. Whether you are looking to buy fresh cacao for your hot chocolate, baking needs, smoothie, or even in manufacturing products, we can serve you with our raw cacao products with shipping options in the US. Our customers include individuals and businesses.

Also, if you were looking to buy raw cacao powder or cacao nibs, don't be discouraged. Although we primarily produce and sell cacao bricks, paste, and beans, we may be able to meet your needs. Furthermore, cacao paste and cacao beans are good alternatives to organic cacao powder and cacao nibs respectively. Reach out to us today for delivery of your cacao products to you.