Clarity Cacao Ceremony

Mornings are an ideal time to set an intention and visualize your day while the world is still quiet. If you are looking for clarity we invite you to make this clarity ceremony. 

Ingredients of your delicious ceremonial cacao:

  • 4 tbsp ceremonial cacao from Cosmic Cacao, chopped into small pieces.
  • 1 cup hot water 
  • Dates, panela or raw honey as a sweetener
  • A pinch of:  salt, cayenne or chili pepper and cinnamon.

Ceremonial cacao boosters:

Remember you can boost your cacao with maca, cardamom, roses, cashews, mint and other medicinal plants.


You can choose to blend all the ingredients on a blender or boil water on low heat in a pot and stir occasionally.



Holding the cacao with your eyes closed, say out loud or silently in your head:

  • I ask for clarity from the heart of the Sky
  • I ask for clarity from the heart of the Earth
  • I ask for clarity from the heart of the Fire
  • I ask for clarity from the heart of the Water
  • I thank Cacao Tree for the gift of her fruit and seed
  • I give thanks to everyone who brought this cacao to me 
  • I give thanks to my own heart for showing up and being open to receiving the messages I’m meant to receive

cacao ritual cosmic guatemala

Open your eyes, sip. Meditate and listen to the messages that come through and write them down and keep them present throughout the day.

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