Everything You Need to Know About Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial cacao is not just an ordinary chocolate drink, it is a 100% organic ancient drink that has been utilized for many centuries in a ritual setting. A Cacao Ceremony is part of a tradition, culture, ritual and a way of connecting back to ancient ancestral practices of Mesoamerican civilizations like the Maya and Aztec. Ceremonially prepared cacao helps to connect you with the deepest part of your heart. Cacao opens the heart and makes one more conscious of the physical world around us.  

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Whether you are hearing the terms ceremonial cacao and cacao ceremony for the first time or you want to know more about Ceremonial Cacao, its usefulness and practice, read on. This post features all the information you need about ceremonial cacao, how it is made, and the many health benefits of cacao.  

What is Cacao?

Cacao refers to the tree and the unrefined raw plant which is used to make chocolate. Cacao is the super ingredient used to make chocolate and other related products. It is responsible for the unique chocolatey taste and the good sensation we feel after consuming a bar of chocolate.  

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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

The difference between regular cacao and ceremonial cacao lies in the way it is processed. Ceremonial cacao is prepared in a traditional way. This is done by fermenting the cacao beans and then toasting them lightly before the husk is manually removed. The toasted cacao is ground into cacao paste. This practice has been in existence for centuries, it ensures high potency cacao with alkaloids preserved. Ceremonial cacao is made up of 100% cacao. No additive or other substance is added to the cacao paste. The result is a ceremonial cacao in its purest form.  

The Process of Making Ceremonial Cacao. 

  1. Genetics of the Bean: Criollo cacao is the ancestral genetic cacao. Today, most of the cacao on the market is genetically modified and hybrid, and has lost much of its flavor.cocoa pod bean
  2. Planting under the right Climate: The foundation of the cacao tree starts in the conditions it is planted. The quality of the final product depends on several factors such as soil in which it was planted, the climate of the region, etc. To produce the highest quality cacao, the first process is to ensure that the cacao tree was planted under the right conditions.  cacao plant
  3. Fermentation: The second step is to harvest the pods. The bean is left to ferment. Fermentation of the bean is an integral part of the ceremonial cacao production process.
  4. Roasting the bean: Once the bean has fermented, they are slightly roasted. The beans must not be overly roasted, otherwise many of the potent alkaloids that give ceremonial cacao its power will be destroyed. roasting cacao
  5. The Grind: After the roasting comes the grind. The cacao is manually blended into cacao paste. This practice is the traditional way of making the ceremonial cacao. Today, artisinal chocolate makers use melangers to finely grind the cacao into paste, giving it a smooth texture.   

Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

  1. Opens your heart: One of the greatest benefits of cacao is that it opens your heart, helps you get rid of negative energy, and helps you to be more conscious of who you are. 
  2. Serves as a detox for the liver: Cacao can help in cleansing and detoxifying the liver. This is another reason why ceremonial cacao can be good for your health.
  3. It is an energizer: Feeling weak or tired and need something to get your spirit high? Cacao serves as the boost you need when feeling weak or down. 
  4. It is an antioxidant: Ceremonial cacao is loaded with active antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body cells from chemicals known as free radicals, which are harmful to the body. Ceremonial cacao is rich in antioxidants that help in preventing the body against diseases.    
  5. Good for your memory & focus: Cacao is rich in magnesium which is good for the brain and memory. It also helps you to concentrate by calming your mind, increasing creativity and productivity. 
  6. Improves your mood: Are you feeling sad, moody or having mood swings? Cacao has been known to significantly help improve your mood and overall well being by producing the feel-good chemicals that positively impact your mood and well-being.
  7. Cacao is a whole food: Ceremonial Cacao is a whole food made from 100% cacao, nourishing your body and soul. Ceremonial cacao can be taken as a whole meal. 
  8. Perfect for Ketodiet: Experts recommend dark chocolate for ketogenic diets, and ceremonial cacao is made up of the same ingredient as chocolate. It contains healthy fat which is great for your keto journey.

How to Spot Ceremonial Grade Cacao

  1. It should be 100% cacao with no added ingredients or additives. 
  2. It should not be Dutch-processed (Dutch process means fats separated from solids)
  3. It should not be alkalized during processing. cosmic cacao ceremonial cacao

Why You Should choose Cosmic Cacao 

100 Percent organic: Cosmic Cacao is 100% organic and grown from criollo cacao genetics, the original cacao of the historical Maya civilization.

Good for vegans: If you’re a vegan, Cosmic Cacao is 100 percent vegan. 

Keto diet approved: It contains healthy fat which is sugar-free 

It contains cacao butter, which has one of the highest grades of healthy fats. 

The cacao is single origin and grown in Guatemala, which has one of the best growing climates for cacao. 

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What is a Cacao Ceremony?

It is a community of like-minded individuals coming together to meditate and rediscover themselves through the use of cacao, which is the drink for every cacao ceremonial gathering. The ceremonial space is often conducive to deep meditation, which enhances positive mood and self-reflection. The cacao ceremony is a ritual practiced for thousands of years. People often sit together in circles sing, chant and pray.  

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Ceremonial Cacao is your perfect drink during yoga, therapy sessions, events, meditation, cacao ceremonies, brainstorming sessions, working hours with colleagues at the office, and ecstatic dance parties!


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