How to hold a Winter Solstice Cacao Circle Ceremony?

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect with yourself and to open your heart.  Cacao is a medicine that is connected deeply to your heart chakra, and assists in whatever intention you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or increase your self-worth. Whatever your intention is, cacao allows you the insight and awareness to move towards it.


What are the spiritual benefits of cacao?

Raw cacao has many benefits, and to use it in a sacred ceremony potentializes its properties as we connect to the plant spirit: Mother Cacao or Ix the Mayan Goddess of Cacao.

Cacao opens and nurtures the heart chakra and removes blockages on all levels, energetically, physically, emotionally, and mentally by realigning our energy and dissolving negativity in a gentle but powerful way. 

What are the physical benefits of cacao?

Cacao contains a powerhouse of antioxidants. It aids cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure. It triggers the release of dopamine and endorphins in the brain which soothes depression, pre-menstrual symptoms, and emotional stress. The increase in blood flow to the brain increases focus and mental agility. Daily consumption can also help the skin's resistance to UV rays and helps the skin look smoother. Cacao contains Anandamide which is the bliss molecule. Consumption acts as an antidepressant as it increases pleasure and motivation and gives a “natural high”.

Why is Winter Solstice important?

Stargates are powerful points of alignment. They are considered as portals, moments in time when energy is accelerated and in which we may align with higher vibrations. Winter Solstice is on Monday 21st this year 2020. 

What should I know?

The ceremony is sacred. It involves your intimate circle and includes drink preparation, meditation, and journaling.  

Winter Solstice Cacao Circle Ceremony 


Heighten your plant vibrations and give your heart a rest by sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet, avoid alcohol, dairy, or heavy foods days before the ceremony. On Monday avoid coffee and eat at least 2 hours before you have your ceremony so you have a light stomach.

What do you need?

Ask your close circle to meet in a comfortable and quiet space. You will each need:

  • A journal and a pen
  • Cosmic Cacao
  • Water
  • A mat or cushion for meditation.

Preparation of Ceremonial Cacao

You will need:

  • 10 - 25g finely chopped cosmic cacao paste
  • 100 -125 ml hot water
  • Natural sweetener to taste
  • Vanilla, cinnamon, cayenne pepper
  • Boiling water

Boil the water and let it cool down. The amount of water is a matter of taste - the less you use, the creamier your chocolate will be. Blend it well. Add natural sweetener and spices to taste. To get the cacao creamy and frothy, the Mayans had a sophisticated preparation technique that involved pouring the cacao several times from one jar into another from a high altitude. In the modern-day, a blender will do. 

The Ceremony 

  1. Set your intention

Your intention sets the tone of your cacao ritual or ceremony. Ask yourselves questions such as:  Why am I holding a cacao ceremony? What do I need to dig in deeper? What area of my life needs clarity? 

Here are some examples:

  • I let go of ... to create more space for ...
  • I am open to exploring creativity. 
  • I am open to listening to my heart.

cacao ceremony vegan winter solstice circle ritual astrological

  • 2. Create the space

    Clean your space. Use incense or smudge your space. Place a candle so the element of fire is in the center. Surround this candle with things that spark energy, ground you, and inspire you.

    3. Prepare your Cacao 

    Let the process be done with love. 

    cacao ceremony vegan winter solstice circle ritual astrological

  • 4. Allow cacao in
  • Connect with your heart. Invite Cacao into your heart and your space. Call in the medicine.

  • 5. Open to receive what you asked for 
  •  Meditate, dream, paint, journal, play instruments, explore nature, move consciously, be silent or creative. Allow answers, symbols, and feelings to arise from within.

    cacao ceremony vegan winter solstice circle ritual astrological

  • 6. Hydrate and drink water.

  • 7. Ground and give thanks 
  • Connect with your intention. Take deep breaths and speak words of gratitude.

  • 8. Close the space 
  • Speak the words: "I hereby close the Space."

    cacao ceremony vegan winter solstice circle ritual astrological gratefulness meditation

    Cosmic Cacao sends good vibes for you and your tribe as you welcome light back into your lives.

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