Cosmic Cacao Paste / Brick (1 lb)
Cosmic Cacao Paste / Brick (1 lb)
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Cosmic Cacao Paste / Brick (1 lb)

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Organic Cacao paste made in Guatemala. No sugar, just pure organic chocolate bliss. Our cacao paste is perfect for making ceremonial cacao beverages, cooking, or making chocolate. It is the highest plant-based source of iron, a powerful antioxidant, and a natural antidepressant.

Our Cacao Paste is cultivated in Guatemala. From planting and nurturing the cacao plant to harvesting the cacao pods, and turning the cacao beans into cacao paste, the result provides perfect cacao bliss.

Raw Organic Cacao Paste

Cosmic Cacao paste is made from 100% ceremonial grade cacao beans grown in the nutrient-rich soils of our farm in Guatemala.

Our cacao beans are dried and fermented at the right temperatures and then ground into a smooth paste which is slightly hardened into brick form for packaging and shipping in the United States.

Made from Natural Ingredients

We use only organic cacao in the making of our products and do not add sweeteners or separate the butter or natural richness from our cacao paste. Each brick you buy from us contains all the nutrients and the perfect texture and base for any chocolate-based drink or food.

Our cacao paste offers the freshest and most nutrient-dense cacao grown on a sustainable organic farm. Our goal is to have a positive impact by farming ethically while making cosmic cacao that is ceremonial-grade, meaning having all the natural nutrients to provide you with the immense physical and spiritual benefits of cacao.

Enjoy Chocolate Bliss

You can enjoy our cacao paste by eating it as it is, transforming it into a chocolate beverage, or mixing it with food or snacks. You can even transform them into dipping chocolate or mix them with your favorite dessert, like your cake, cookies, and other baked desserts.

Like cacao beans, you can also add them to food and other chocolate recipes. You could enjoy the natural bitter but blissful texture or add in other items like spices, extracts, and more to give it a sweet taste.

Shop the Best Alternative to Coffee, Alcohol & Stimulants

Cacao has an active stimulant called theobromine which is very similar to caffeine in the sense that it stimulates your brain to work and be active. Even better, it doesn’t have the negative effects of heavy-caffeine-carrying coffee - its effects are milder and longer-lasting than your cup of coffee.

Also, theobromine roughly translates to “food of the gods” and for good reason, as it packs a healthy energy boost that can enhance your mood and help you stay active at work or home.

Furthermore, cacao paste is better than alcohol and stimulants in the sense that it is packed with numerous vitamins and nutrients, triggers the release of endorphins and mood-enhancing neurochemicals in the brain, and it doesn’t damage the liver as alcohol does.

There are so many other benefits of cacao, whether it’s in the form of cacao nibs, beans, or paste!

Contains Many Benefits

Cacao is high in magnesium which helps the heart pump blood, lower blood pressure and build strong bones. Also, cacao contains surfer and antioxidants; antioxidants may help protect your cells against free radicals, may contribute to healthy skin, nails and hair and may prevent certain diseases.

Even more, cacao is a great source of iron; a true excellent plant-based source. You can read more about the benefits of cacao in our what are cacao nibsspiritual benefits of cacao articles.

Additional Information


100% cacao paste ceremonial grade. 454 grams.

Single-origin: Our farm in the Guatemalan Jungle, Alta Verapaz, Cahabón


Cosmic cacao paste is best stored at room temperature, away from heat or direct sunlight to ensure it retains its hard texture until you need it. Protect it from moisture and ensure to keep it tightly sealed.


Cacao contains caffeine which may cause rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness or nervousness. If you are allergic to caffeine, are pregnant, nursing, shouldn’t take caffeinated products or are using any medications that interact with caffeine, kindly consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using our cacao beans.

Also, cacao is what cocoa and chocolate come from, so if you are allergic to chocolate or cocoa, please consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before use.

Get Cacao paste instead. Cacao paste is an excellent replacement for organic cacao powder. It contains the same natural properties.

You can use it for the same things you use your Cacao powder for, such as your beverage, but even more. It works as authentic dark chocolate. 100% pure organic cacao. No additives or sweeteners. So while you can use it in your beverage, you can also use it in your chocolate making or as healthy chocolate fudge.

It gives a better blank canvas that allows you to get creative to cook anything while retaining the original cacao taste that you love. Use it for cooking or enjoy it as it is! Modify it a bit by adding small chunks of dried fruits or get creative with any recipe of your choice.

Shop Cacao Nibs or Beans

Alternatively, you can order our cacao nibs, also called cacao beans, if you’d rather eat it easily without having to break it from the full paste or are looking to add some nib love to your cookies or other recipes.

Get a Discount on Bulk Orders

While you can purchase 1lb of cacao paste or more through this page, you can also get wholesale sizes from 20lb at discount prices.

We are trusted by individuals and companies who need cacao in their processes, including smoothie bars, organic food manufacturers, and chocolatiers as the source of high-quality cacao paste and brick in the US.

To request bulk/discount prices, please send an email to or fill out the form on this page.

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Tara B.
United States

I ordered 3 cacao and only received 1 brick

I love Cosmic Cacao, I am a very faithful customer. I do not get my cacao from anyone but them. However, this time, I paid for three bricks and only received one.

Bryce D.
United States United States

Absolutely Delicious

My favorite cacao on the market

Tal G.
United States United States

Solid Cacao

I have been impressed with the quality and potency of Cosmic Cacao. It's a consistently solid product.

David W.
United States United States

Fantastic Cacao ! ! !

I have thoroughly enjoyed your cacao and have used it as gifts. It is always received with love and appreciation ! ! I am really happy that I found you and your Fabulous cacao ! !

Tara B.
United States United States


Beautiful, delicious, delightful and spiritually uplifting.